How we help

At Flexible CFO you get access to an experienced Finance Director quickly and directly. We give you the freedom to choose the support you want on a totally flexible basis; we could work two days this week and four hours next week – it’s really up to you.

A conversation, although a little contrived, might go like this:

Entrepreneur: “I’m planning the recruitment of my senior team at the moment – I won’t need a Finance Director until the end of next year.”

Flexible CFO: “But how do you plan to manage your finances over the coming period?”

Entrepreneur: “We have an administrator and a book keeper who between them pay the bills and provide us with the basics.”

Flexible CFO: “Does this meet your needs?”

Entrepreneur: “Well, not really, but we can’t afford a full time Finance Director so I use the resource we have and fill in
where necessary.”

Flexible CFO: “Isn’t that a distraction from growing and managing your business?”

Entrepreneur: “Yes, and I don’t always feel I have the right experience or expertise.”