Michael Jackson - Chief Operating Officer, Skype
Ian is a very Flexible CFO. Works hard and conscientiously - without being anal. Excellent at executing and above all getting all that finance mess out of your hair.

Keith Cornell - Non-Executive Chairman, End2End
I worked with Ian at End2End where he took on the role of interim CFO for about 4 months. During this time he helped the VC's and Board get comfortable with the accounting and financial results. He also mentored the second-in-command, who has turned into an excellent replacement VP Finance. My position was Non-Exec Chairman and Ian reported jointly to the CEO and the Board in this role.

Malcolm Bird - Managing Director, Phone.com Europe
In early 1999, Ian approached me (interesting in itself) offering to act as a part-time Finance Director for our European operations. After some discussion Ian was persuaded to join full-time and it is just as well he did! We were soon growing rapidly through recruitment and by acquisitions. Ian was able to organise our financial controls very quickly and played a major part in getting the finance teams from our new partner companies to work to reporting deadlines that they had not even dreamed of before. All of this meant we could make decisions from a highly informed base and prepare our strategic plans with a degree of confidence that was surprising given the rapidly changing landscape. Out of all the geographic regions reporting into the US parent company Ian made sure that Europe could always be held up as the example to follow.

Bob Apollo - VP and Managing Director International, XcelleNet
I've followed Ian's career with great interest since we worked together at XcelleNet. As Finance Director, Ian demonstrated a compelling ability to identify the critical success factors for the business and apply a laser-like focus on performance improvement. The impact on both revenue and profitability was nothing short of remarkable. Since then, I've seen him do the same for a series of high-potential organisations. He's the sort of guy that if you were building management team for a new enterprise (or to fix an existing one) you'd hire in a heartbeat.

Steve Lea - Finance Director, Silicon Graphics
I have known Ian for some 12 years in a professional capacity having hired him into SGI where he did a great job for me as Controller. I have also engaged Ian's services at Flexible CFO Limited and he continues to produce excellent work.